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Regulation 16 Consultation

The Beech Neighbourhood Development Plan is out for Regulation 16 consultation. This phase was conducted by EHDC and It started Monday 22 July at 5 pm and ran for 6 weeks to Monday 2 September at 5 pm. 


Follow this link to the notice letter that was sent out on the 22nd of July.


The Regulation 16 consultation responses can be seen on the EHDC website, that has all of the documents on - .


 The consultation comments can be seen via this link. 


The response from Beech Parish Council to the comments received by EHDC can be found by clicking here.


The comments received by EHDC and the Parish Council's response have now been forwarded to an external examiner, Ann Skippers, who will review comments and commence the examination of the plan end September - Early October.

Details of how the examiner will conduct the examination can be gleaned from this document 



NOTE:  if you commented on the Neighbourhood Development Plan before you will find your comment mentioned in the Consultation Document. Because of GDPR regulations we have decided not to identify individuals with respect to their comment, so if you would like your ref number please e-mail the Clerk with your name and address and she will respond with the ref number. 

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