Beech Parish
Beech Parish  

Beech Regulation 14 Consultation

After 2 years of hard work, our Neighbourhood Plan is coming together.


To do so we had to follow the regulations laid down by the government in the National Planning Policy Framework.


We are now at a stage where we have reached Regulation 14 which requires us to consult with the community. For your convenience, the Draft Policies can be seen in page links on the LHS of this page.


Please comment via our contact link; please send 1 comment per draft policy indicating the draft policy in question and provide your name your address is desirable but not mandatory - if you do not wish to disclose your address please state if you are a Beech Resident or not.


 If you wish to use the formal 'response form' you can download a copy from  


the Draft Policy pages show you the proposed planning policies, specifically for Beech, these will be used by EHDC planners, alongside EHDC’s own planning policies, to evaluate planning applications in Beech.


There are copies of the full Draft Neighbourhood Plan available from download from 


 Please comment or complete the ‘NP comment form’ with any positive, indifferent or critical comments you may have.



We are located at:

Beech Village Hall



Gu34 4AQ

Contact us today!

Please use our contact form. 

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If you wish to make an appointment with a working group member, to have a chat please contact us with your first line of address and a suitable time.

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