Beech Parish
Beech Parish  

Latest Version of the Neighbourhood Plan 

See below the latest version of the plan. Feel free to make positive suggestions via our 'contact us' section.


Latest and Submission Version of the Beech Neighbourhood Plan 


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Our NP is being developed alongside the EHDC Local Plan 2017-2036. It is based on the EHDC Joint Core - Development - Strategy (JCS) which encompasses current development rules. Our plan policies will supersede those of the JCS which will cease to be applicable in 2 years time. After that, we will have to revise the plan again.


What are the latest available details of the EHDC new Local Plan?

A copy of the EHDC draft plan can be obtained by e-mailing and requesting a copy 


Are the draft Beech NP policies in conflict with the draft EHDC Local Plan policies?

A copy of a consultant's report on the impact of the Draft EHDC Local Plan policies on the Beech NP policies can be obtained from 



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