Beech Parish
Beech Parish  


A Strategic Housing Land Availability Assesment (SHLAA) was carried out regularly by EHDC Planning Policy Division. (See page 84 re Beech).


Basically EHDC approaches all landowners in the area and asks them if they are prepared to make their land available for development. As part 3 of the EHDC Planning Policy the SHLAA is being currently reviewed, we can use our relationship to influence what land is available and we can comment on its suitability within the terms of the process EHDC uses to select areas to be added to the SHLAA.


As off the December 2017 Government Review of the Planning process the SHLAA have been replaced by LAA (Land Available Assessments). EHDC will have to put out a new call for sites, define a new evaluation process and carry out a preliminary review before we can comment further on the LAAs in Beech.


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