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Beech Parish  

Village Design Guidelines Vs NP Policy

The Beech Village design statement ( has served the village well and is a document much respected by the EHDC Planning Policy Group.


However, since the Localism Act 2011, the design statement has no legal standing and its policies need to be incorporated into a Neighbourhood Plan (NP).

With that in mind, the Parish Council has enabled a working group to create a Neighbourhood Plan (NP).


Accordingly, our task primarily is to replacement the Design Guidelines with NP Policies. However, these are restricted by the act and we need some solid advice as to just how to do that. We are on the case.


In addition, we can "influence" any building within the Parish, but outside the "Settlement Area" ..... we will be asking the villagers on their thoughts on this.


The last time you were asked your opinion was 2001. The questions asked then are detailed in the Parish of Beech Village Appraisal Report. We will be asking your opinion again in the Neighbourhood Planning Questionnaire.


To round of the NP can try to "influence" planners by painting a great picture of Beech in terms of its history, the Current Community Make Up, the Amenities Beech offers, the employment profile of the villagers, how the development in surrounding Neighbourhood and towns impacts Beech and finally what the education and health needs of the locally are. 

We are located at:

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